Service Quality 


Quality Management

Our corporate aim is to expand our areas of activity in order to cover the increasing needs of our customers. For this reason, our company recognises the need to modify its quality system, the production processes and policy plans in order to align with the market’s different needs and enduring technological developments.


From our Processes to our People

Our quality concerns do not stop there. Of course, management and operational processes and an excellent network of providers are crucial, but so are technology and training. We continually train our people and strive to perfect our technological infrastructures and tools. Additionally, our customers complete more than 640,000 satisfaction surveys every year; this helps us improve our performance and ultimately the quality of our services.


Customer satisfaction is our goal

Recognizing the unique role of our services at times where our customers' needs should be served thoroughly with responsibility. We face all their difficulties aiming for their total satisfaction. These reasons motivate us daily to confront our only true competitor, which is no other than ourselves...


EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In 2016, Mondial Assistance Greece was certified by EN ISO 9001:2015 for the service and organization quality in providing roadside, medical, travel and home assistance services. Our Greek and Cypriot customers as well as our customers who live abroad but visit Greece or Cyprus receive a full range of optimum services.


Customer Service & Satisfaction

Why do millions of travellers rely on Mondial Assistance for travel insurance? It might be our extensive global network of travel experts and service providers. Perhaps it’s due to our presence in 34 countries and 6 continents. Or maybe it’s our 50 year history of providing top-quality travel assistance.

No matter how or why you choose us, nothing matters more than you, our customers. When you travel with us, your safety and satisfaction become our top priority.