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How can we help?*

How can we help?

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Our values

We believe that beyond performance, results and skills, it is our behavior in the local and international community toward our customers, colleagues, partners and team members that will be most remembered. Everything we do must align with the values that we stand for. These are the values we live by and the values that come alive through us.


We’re passionate about people. We care about our customers, colleagues and partners. We strive to understand them, their needs and their points of view. We encourage open dialogues and positive, harmonious working relations. It is our passion for people that makes the difference.


We are a Global Community and we are truly connected to one another around the world. We respect each other’s differences, opinions, perspectives and experiences. We learn from one another, share knowledge and strive to achieve Group goals together. We value working with colleagues from different functions, business segments and cultures.


We try to stay one step ahead and anticipate the needs and expectations of our external and internal customers. Our curiosity drives us to think outside the box and take initiatives. The result? We surprise with our innovative, creative solutions and deliver on our promises. We believe that actions speak louder than words.


Our Guarantee of Excellence is our mark of professionalism - we take it very seriously. Excellence is never static, but must be continually earned and proven. We keep our skills and expertise up to date with cutting edge developments so that we can provide our customers with the very best in quality services every time. We are keenly aware of market changes and adapt accordingly. We act promptly to optimize our effectiveness. Our professionalism is the foundation of all our business relationships.

Resulting from these 4 values, Trust is at the core of our identity

Our job and mission is helping people anytime, anywhere. Earning their trust is truly at the heart of everything we do. Trust is never handed out. We must earn it, every day, all year long, through our honesty, reliability and dedication. Trust is about walking the talk; it’s about doing what you say you will do and delivering concretely on spoken promises with concrete actions. Trust comes when you act with integrity, transparency and respect. Trust is the heart of Mondial Assistance; it is the very core of our identity.