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Mondial Assistance


How can we help?*

How can we help?


We have been helping people and offering travel insurance solutions since the 1950s. Our historic line of business is still growing today and accounts for almost half of our Group turnover.

Our cover is always personalized

Our cover is always personalized

Helping and working closely with you, our client partners, whether you are travel agents, brokers, tour operators or on-line travel specialists, is what we do best. Our aim is to design innovative, customized and surprising solutions for you.

Some but not all of these tailored solutions include insurance and protection against lost or stolen luggage, repatriation due to illness, medical and hospital expense coverage when abroad, reimbursed fares when you or your customers must cancel a trip due to unforeseen events and vehicle repair in case of a breakdown.

We offer solutions that you can rely on 24/7. Our goal is to make sure you have our help whoever you are, wherever you’re from and wherever you’re going. So, rest assured that you can travel worry-free and receive exactly the travel services you expect:

  • assistance solutions for holidays abroad

  • leisure and sports solutions for specific activities such as skiing, golf…

Medical excellence – the mark of our commitment

Medical excellence – the mark of our commitment

We carry out more than 7.4 million health and life interventions for you and your customers each year. How do we do this? Thanks to our multi-lingual, travel and medical assistance specialists who work around the clock, around the world. You rely on us, but who do we rely on? On top-quality, certified service providers in every corner of the globe and hundreds of international correspondents.

Our medical team helps you in more ways than one. Comprised of doctors with long-standing international experience, they continually evaluate hospitals and clinics in countries with heavy, widespread tourism and where the level of medical coverage is weak or inconsistent. Their aim: to optimize your healthcare and whatever treatment you may need with a database built from first-hand visits. This database provides our 1.050 medical personnel with critical information (quality of care, hygiene, equipment, pathologies treated, etc…) about the establishments where patients are likely to be hospitalised while abroad. Each database-listed structure receives an annual evaluation visit. In 2013, the database cited 5,389 global medical providers in 1,483 cities in 167 countries. Our medical evaluation team regularly adds new structures to the database.

It also evaluates airport medical structures to assist airline companies in case of an aircraft diversion.

There are only a few of us on the international travel market who own such a database and offer these services. So, deprive yourself no longer and simply hop onboard!

A solid international team to serve you

We should now tell you that we’ve set up an international travel sales team whose job is to respond to our international partners’ demands for on-line solutions. You should know that this team has an essential mission: to coordinate local business requirements in line with our partners’ international strategies to sell and implement travel insurance and assistance in several countries via a unique exclusive and innovative e-MAGIN platform.

What you get is a wealth of international experience and expertise creating services that are perfectly adapted to your local needs.