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Data Protection

Mondial Assistance believes that an individual's personal information should be handled with the utmost respect.
Our aim is to ensure that our customers' personal data is handled responsibly.

Use of Data
The personal data we usually collect includes an individual's name, address, email (contact details) and other information required for the services we provide such as credit or debit card details when you purchase online, travel dates, destination etc... In some cases, travel insurance for instance, we will need to collect sensitive personal data about your health and medical history depending on the type of service provided. The personal data we request allows us to assess risks and administer insurance covers and claims.  We may subsequently use this data to handle any assistance or claim you or the person traveling with you may have.

Permission to Use Data
By inputting your personal data you grant us permission to store this data and to use it for processing purposes within the booking process and for possible later processing of insurance benefits. Only data that is absolutely necessary for processing is collected, stored and used. We never share this data with third parties.